Crane House Center Pins Repair — Sep 20, 2010 This picture was taken before we started the repair on one of two center pins. These pins were worn from many years of use. The repair consisted of building the material back up and then machining it back to size. Read Full Case Study
Flange Facing Repair — Sep 20, 2010 Flange facing may be needed in a numerous number of parts such as these boiler tanks. Metal Surgery Milwaukee LTD. has capabilities of flange facing up to 120”. Below are two different boiler tanks which needed flange facing… Read Full Case Study
Leveler Shaft Repair — Oct 15, 2010 This shaft was damaged during production. Read Full Case Study
Slip Rings Repair — Oct 15, 2010 Slip Rings on a 1000' ore carrier were severely worn. Read Full Case Study
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Onsite Machining

Field Machining

Metal Surgery offers a wide range of machining capabilities. The availability of special portable and in-house equipment allows operations to continue with minimal downtime. Our planning and engineering approach saves time and materials and insures quality workmanship. Our shop is well equipped with a variety of machines and over head cranes to handle all types of repairs.

Where-ever The Problem

Metal Surgery Is ready for those most inopportune times and places and are not held back by these limitations, our services are available anywhere, day or night. The unique abilities of our highly trained and dedicated professionals are not hampered when performing outside our facilities. We have the portable equipment and dedicated people to get the problem solved and your machinery back up and running.

When-ever The Problem

Usually the timing is what is a problem for repairs, Christmas Morning, Saturday Night, or at 2:00 A.M., that is when are services are needed the most. We are on-call and ready to go anytime day or night. We can mobilize and be on the jobsite before most companies open for business.

Shipping Limitations

Many times shipping to our facilities can be a problem in itself, that is where the portable machine shop comes into play. Many times parts are to big and can't be shipped or taken apart. There are two case histories on the right showing a crane and a boiler tank which the customers did not want to ship due to additional costs. Due to the size of these objects, shipping would have been irrational and illogical. The crane job consisted of a crane house center pin in which we had to rough machine to remove wear, weld buildup by procedure and re-machine to OEM Specs., The Boiler tank had a bad flange face in which we had to remove imperfections and then give the flange a phonographic finish.

Our portable capabilities include:

  • Machining Shafts Without Rotation
  • Boring
  • Line Boring
  • Milling
  • Keyway and Pipe Cutting
  • Grinding and Honing
  • Flange Facing