Air Compressor Valute Repair — Sep 20, 2010 Foreign material enter the system causing impeller blades to self destruct resulting in this damage to Valute Read Full Case Study
Autogenous 1200-inch Mill Trunnion Repair — Oct 06, 2010 Supplied information continued: Over time the ground product eroded a section of trunnion from the back side resulting in stress fatigue cracks. Read Full Case Study
Paper Mill Suction Roll Repair — Oct 06, 2010 After dye penetrant testing, approximately 15” of crack revealed. Read Full Case Study
Propeller Blade Hub Repair — Oct 06, 2010 Inspection using mag particle reveals the cracked area of approx. 18 inches Read Full Case Study
Hoist Drum Repair — Oct 15, 2010 Continual operation of hoist drum on a open pit operation resulted in cracking that threatened strength of the unit. Read Full Case Study
60 Ton Crane Bearing Housing Repair — Oct 15, 2010 Bearing housing for a 60 ton crane was mismachined, while the unit performed adequately for years, cracking appeared. Read Full Case Study
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Freeze Damage Engine Repair

Full Case Study

Damage to engines caused by freezing temperatures.

The Problem

The engines illustated have cracks caused by freezing temperatures.

The Fix

Metal Surgery crack detected the engines and metal stitched by procedure bringing these engines back to life.